One hundred years of Chinese, you are still young when you return - Taicang Yanghong carries out the May Fourth Youth Activity
On May 5th, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Youth, the Taicang Yanghong Youth League organized a seminar on the theme of "Youth May 4th, Struggling Youth" in the Trinity Room of "HI, Hongchuan". E-sports activities. Senior Vice President of Hongchuan Wisdom, Chairman and General Manager of Taicang Yanghong, Huang Yuntao, Party Branch Secretary Lu Jianping, Senior Vice President of Business Center and General Manager of East China Business Center Lu Xiongwen attended the event.
The Taicang Yanghong Party Branch and the Binjiang New City Party Branch jointly carried out the party-day joint construction activities
On April 19th, the April theme party day event with the theme of “Taicang liberation for 70 years, release dreams and re-launch” was held in Taicang Yanghong. The event was organized by Taicang Yanghong Party Branch and co-construction unit Taicang Binjiang New City Development Co., Ltd. The Party branch (referred to as the Binjiang New City Party Branch) jointly carried out, more than 20 party members including Lu Jianping, secretary of the Taicang Yanghong Party branch, and Lu Ting, deputy secretary of the party branch of Binjiang New City, participated in the event.
"Bathing the book, building a dream Hongchuan" reading sharing event preview
In order to further create a good atmosphere for reading and learning, and to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to study and study, the Hongchuan Party Committee and the Youth League Committee organized the book-sharing theme sharing activities.
"Cautiously chasing the distance, remembering the martyrs" Dongguan Sanjiang Party Branch launched the Qingming Festival
On the eve of the Ching Ming Festival, in order to pursue the heroic footprint, inherit the legacy of the martyrs, carry forward the national spirit, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the party members. On the morning of April 4, the Sanjiang Party Branch organized party members and party activists to go to the Daling Shandong River Column. The memorial hall participated in the Qingming Festival and the heroic activities with the theme of "Careful pursuit of the future and the memory of the martyrs."
Taicang Yanghong Party Branch organizes party members to carry out Qingming Sacrifice
On the occasion of the Ching Ming Festival, in order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and inspire the party members and comrades to remember the original heart, on March 29, the party branch of Taicang Yanghong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. went to the first party branch memorial hall established in Taicang City to carry out grave-sweeping memorials and party affairs learning activities. More than 10 people from the party branch secretary Lu Jianping participated in the event.
"Spring Breeze is good, planting is at the time" Hongchuan actively carries out public welfare tree planting activities
The spring is full of sunshine and the new green is beginning to bloom. At the 3·12 Arbor Day, in the fine weather, Chen Weiwen, chairman of the Hongchuan Labor Union and deputy secretary of the party committee, accompanied the secretary of the Communist Youth League and the Spark volunteers to participate in the tree planting activities organized by the Songshan Lake Volunteers Association. Swinging the soil, stacking up the cofferdams, watering and watering, everyone works together, and every process is done meticulously. After more than an hour of planting, dozens of trees have been tall and straight in the landscape of Songshan Lake. Hongchuan volunteers added new green to the city through practical actions to build a green ecological environment.
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