The core of Hongchuan's corporate culture is “focus on employees”. Pay attention to their work, pay attention to their lives, and pay attention to everything they care about. Under this core condition, we have created the five major cultures of Hongchuan: family culture, satisfaction culture, leading culture, communication culture, and collaborative culture.

Filial Piety "Grateful 100% Activity"

This activity is carried out for grassroots employees and grassroots managers.


The staff voluntarily withdraws 100 yuan from the salary income. At the same time, the company subsidizes 100 yuan each month as a Thanksgiving fund and directly remits it to the employee's parents' account, so as to promote the traditional Chinese virtues of the filial elders and grateful parents.

Satisfaction culture
Our goal is to satisfy our customers. But the premise is that we must first satisfy our staff.

But the premise is that we must first satisfy our staff. Because only satisfied employees can provide satisfactory services to customers. The company will conduct regular special surveys on staff satisfaction, inter-sectoral satisfaction and customer satisfaction. After sorting out the results, continue to follow up and improve the projects with lower scores.

Leading culture
We want to be a leading company and we must have a leading team.

The leading team consists of several leading talents. We have a leading mechanism for how to attract talents, talents, talents, and talents, including giving them a leading treatment.

Communication culture
Strengthen the communication between the boss and his subordinates.

We hope that the superiors will give more praise to the subordinates and encourage them more. The subordinates will talk more about the problems and give more opinions. It is hoped that through such a benign interaction, we will give full play to the enthusiasm of the staff and make the communication between the staff and the boss more smooth.

Collaborative culture
The group consists of two sections of trade and warehousing and various functional management departments. The lead of a certain sector or a certain department does not mean that the group is leading overall.

Therefore, we advocate advanced departments to help the backward departments, and advanced staff to help the late employees. These help is not a simple 1+1=2 benefit transfer, but hopes to provide customers with high-quality one-stop integrated services for the chemical industry through mutual assistance and cooperation between various sectors, departments and staff. The overall progress and development of the group.