Remembering History and Looking to the Future ——Remember the Fourth and Fifth Branches of the Hongchuan Party Branch to Visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
On July 5, 2015, more than 40 party members and party activists from the 4th and 5th branches of the Hongchuan Party Branch visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. The Nanjing Massacre is a shadow that every Chinese people will never linger. This is a monument to the ages of 300,000 Chinese people.
Defend the blue sky and green water, promote the green economy together - remember the government and enterprise joint construction activities
In order to innovate the party's work ideas, improve the party building work level, and promote exchanges and cooperation between government and enterprises, the Taicang Yanghong Party Branch and the Taicang Maritime Safety Bureau Sixth Party Branch and the Taicang City Environmental Monitoring Brigade Party Branch "to defend the clear blue sky and the blue sky." The theme of “Green Economy” was held in Taicang Yanghong Company to organize joint activities for the construction of branches.
Youth Pilots May 4th Dream, Wonderful Convergence Basketball Tournament - Hongchuan Group General Branch 2015 "Music Basketball Game"
On the evening of May 4th, 2015, the general manager of Hongchuan Group launched the “Fun Basketball Tournament” of the May Fourth Youth Festival at the Green Lotus Court.
Science and technology and party building symbiosis, point to point to show wisdom - visit Nanshan District Wisdom Party Building Experience Hall
On April 24, 2015, Xu Changqing, deputy director of the Songshan Lake organization Personnel Office, led the team, Lu Jianping, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Hongchuan Group, member Chen Weiwen, secretary of the fifth branch, Sun Gang, and manager of the IT department, Mr. Yu Zhenggen, visited the company. Nanshan District Smart Party Building Experience Center of Shenzhen Tencent Building.
Caring for the elderly and dedicating love - Group members go to the Dalingshan Nursing Home to conduct condolence activities
In the year of the year, in order to let the lonely and old people feel the warmth and care, on December 19th, under the leadership of the first party branch secretary Zheng Zheng and the second party branch secretary Deng Ming, the group’s 13 party members volunteers and Songshan Lake Young Party members volunteered to the Dalingshan Nursing Home to visit the 25 elderly people there.
Strengthening Party Spirit Education and Promoting Good Work Style - Group members go to Huizhou to conduct study tours
On December 13-14, members of the First, Second and Third Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Group went to Huizhou to conduct a two-day study tour.
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