Hongchuan Chemical and Beit Electronics launch a party branch basketball exchange

        On the afternoon of May 27th, the Hongchuan Chemical Party Branch and the Dongguan Bate Electronic Party Branch jointly held a hearty basketball exchange.

        With a whistle, the game officially began, the two players began a fierce competition, the basketball flew and leaped, the score rose alternately, the wonderful layup won the applause from both sides, the cheerleaders under the field spared no effort to shout for both players The whole game was full of excitement and tension, and the Hongchuan team finally cooperated with Xiaosheng Bate Electronics.

        This basketball exchange promoted the exchanges between the Party Branch of Hongchuan Chemical Industry and the outstanding party branch, promoted the innovative development of party building work, and further enriched the activities of party branches, invigorated the cultural life of party organizations, and strengthened the party branch. Vitality and cohesion. (图文/蔡如仲)