The Taicang Yanghong Party Branch and the Binjiang New City Party Branch jointly carried out the party-day joint construction activities

      On April 19th, the April theme party day event with the theme of “Taicang liberation for 70 years, release dreams and re-launch” was held in Taicang Yanghong. The event was organized by Taicang Yanghong Party Branch and co-construction unit Taicang Binjiang New City Development Co., Ltd. The Party branch (referred to as the Binjiang New City Party Branch) jointly carried out, more than 20 party members including Lu Jianping, secretary of the Taicang Yanghong Party branch, and Lu Ting, deputy secretary of the party branch of Binjiang New City, participated in the event.

       Activities include paying party fees, notifying major party affairs, and studying the historical knowledge of "70 years of Taicang liberation". Later, party members and comrades watched the audio-visual film "Innovation and Ignite Development Power" and learned about new achievements in China's space and information engineering fields. And develop new goals. The importance of the concept of innovative development in the work is clarified. Finally, party members and comrades went to the Liuhe Riverside New City Party Branch to visit the Liuhe old photo showroom and conducted a DIY theme party and kite flying ceremony in the wetland park.

       The launch of this activity has effectively enhanced the feelings of the co-constructed units, and made progress together in exchanges and learning. Party members and comrades expressed that they will continue to learn, not forgetting their initial intentions, keeping in mind their mission, and being more determined, convinced and more full of work. Enthusiastically and actively involved in the work. (图文/徐楠)