One hundred years of Chinese, you are still young when you return - Taicang Yanghong carries out the May Fourth Youth Activity

       On May 5th, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Youth, the Taicang Yanghong Youth League organized a seminar on the theme of "Youth May 4th, Struggling Youth" in the Trinity Room of "HI, Hongchuan". E-sports activities. Senior Vice President of Hongchuan Wisdom, Chairman and General Manager of Taicang Yanghong, Huang Yuntao, Party Branch Secretary Lu Jianping, Senior Vice President of Business Center and General Manager of East China Business Center Lu Xiongwen attended the event.

       During the event, everyone watched the short film "One Hundred Years of China" and relived the contribution made by the May Fourth Movement and the young people of different eras to the motherland. At the symposium, the youth delegates actively spoke and talked about their career and life planning. Huang Yuntao advocated that the youth members should insist on reading more books, reading good books, using knowledge to strengthen themselves, and building the motherland with wisdom. Subsequently, the "five-five-year-old black" e-sports team competition was fiercely launched. After an hour and a half of intense competition, the team led by Zhu Yifan won the championship.

       The development of this activity not only enriched the employees' spare time, enhanced the communication between employees, improved the team's cohesiveness, but also encouraged young people to realize their own life value through struggle and make a brilliant achievement for Hongchuan. contribution. (Photo / Liu Yuxing Wen / Xu Nan)