"Energy Hongchuan" basketball match ended successfully

        On the evening of May 29th, the finals of the "Energetic Hongchuan" basketball match were held at the productivity basketball court. Hongyan Party Secretary Liu Yan and Labor Union Chairman Chen Weiwen attended the event.

        On the night of the final, the Zhihui team and the Hongchuan Xinsheng team competed for the third place; the new material Maowei team and an insatiable team competed for the championship. During the competition, the athletes followed the spirit of “friendship first, competition second”, the style of the competition and the level of competition, showing the style of Hongchuan people. After fierce competition, the new material Maowei team won the championship with a score of 67:41, an insatiable team won the runner-up, Zhihui team won the third place with a score of 36:23, and the Hongchuan new team won the award.

        Liu Yan said that this game aims to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance communication and collaboration between departments. At the same time, it praises the activeness of athletes and the due diligence of the staff and referees, ensuring the smooth progress of the competition. In the end, Liu Yan presented awards and photos for each winning team. At this point, the 2019 "Energetic Hongchuan" basketball match ended successfully. (Photo / Huang Jiawei)