Nantong Yanghong and Rizhao City Changjiang Town Convenience Service Center condolences to the elderly in the town

        On the 5th of June, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the traditional Chinese festival of the Chinese nation, in order to let the old people in the old town of Jingzhen feel the warmth of the festival, Nantong Yanghong Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. (below) Abbreviation: Nantong Yanghong) Representatives of the trade unions and party branches and Cai Shuping, deputy director of the convenience service center of Rugao Town, Rugao City, came to the Yangtze River Elderly Home with condolences and condolences to express their condolences to the elderly and give them blessings in advance. .

        As an innovative petrochemical logistics integrated service enterprise, Nantong Yanghong attaches great importance to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. While caring for the disadvantaged groups and dedicating love, Nantong Yanghong also hopes that more enterprises will participate in the activities of caring for the elderly. (图文/孙锡桂)